What pricing model does viidle work on?
viidle pays to publishers on CPM (Cost Per Mille) basis.
What ad format does viidle support?
viidle is a video ad mediation service specialized for apps, which currently supports rewarded video and interstitial video ads.
What platforms does viidle support?
viddle supports App Store and GooglePlay.
What development environment does viidle support?
Currently viidle supports iOS, Swift, Java, Unity and Cocos2d-x. We are planning to add more in the near future.
How to start?
1) Create a viidle account
2) Fill in registration information
3) Register app
4) Create ad unit
5) Download and implement SDK
6) Store approval
7) Start ad delivery
Is there any other way to display ads apart from SDK integration?
Sorry, as viidle is a mediation service, it only supports SDK integration.
I’d like to apply for an iPhone app / Android app to platform. Is it possible to pre-check before app launch?
Yes. Please fill out the app name manually and make sure to revise the URL once app is launched.
Please note that if the URL is not updated within 90 days, ad delivery might be paused.
Do I have to pay to use viidle?
Using viidle is free. Our revenue share rate is 90/10 fixed as we take 10% as our management fee.
Do I have to set up my app / ad unit information on the ad networks I am planning to use?
No, viidle completes the set up for you. What you need to do is to integrate viidle, each network’s SDK and adapter which are available on viidle’s DOCS page.
What can be the cause of low or gradually decreasing eCPM?
Low or gradually decreased CPM is generally due to poor user performance. Please reconsider the ad placement and note that it is not always good to show the ads too often.
Feel free to contact viidle staff for advice.
Does viidle support Windows Phone?
Sorry, viidle does not support Windows Phone currently.
There is no ad displayed. What’s the possible reason?
There is possibility that the ad source or SDK is not integrated properly. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
Where can I get further technical support?
Please contact us directly.


When can I receive the payment? And how much is the minimum payment amount?
We close payments on the last day of every month and pay on Net30. Our minimum payout is 10,000JPY or $300 USD, anything under that will be carried over to the following month. Please note that we deduct the wiring fee from the remuneration amount. Example: January payment is made on end of February.
How much is the commission of transfers and who pays for it?
Publishers pay for bank transfer fee.
Bank // Wire transfer fee is 25 US Dollars.
Paypal fee depends on your location, please make sure to check.
What payment method can I choose?
viidle supports 3 payment methods- Wire transfer (non-Japanese bank), Japanese bank and Paypal.
The payment received is different from amount on the dashboard.
The amount difference should be from the transfer fee. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
I would like to receive revenue through my Japanese bank account, but I can’t input the bank information.
You can only choose Wire transfer (non-Japanese bank) or Paypal if the dashboard currency is US Dollars. Please create a new account and choose Japanese yen as your currency if you would like to receive your revenue with Japanese bank.


How to use the dashboard?
Please refer to the dashboard manual.
dashboard manual
Can I delete apps from my dashboard?
Please contact us if you would like to delete apps from your dashboard.
What time zone does viidle use?
Everything you see in viidle dashboard is based on UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time).
I have integrated viidle’s SDK. How long does it take for report number to be reflected on the dashboard?
Usually it takes 3 hours for the report to be updated. However, as the ad delivery is real time, to make sure there is no problem among ad delivery, you can always check your app directly.
My ad unit status has been “waiting” for a while. How long do I have to wait until it gets ready?
Usually it takes 2-3 business days for ad source preparations. However, there might be delays if there are many ad units waiting for set up.
Can I change the currency on dashboard?
Sorry but you cannot change the dashboard currency after account is created. Please create a new account if you would like to use other currency.


Where do I get viidle SDK?
You can receive it from “Docs” on the dashboard, or download it while setting up your ad units.
What kind of information / user data does viidle SDK collect?
Please refer to the viidle SDK app privacy policy page.
I have integrated viidle SDK, but there is no ad displayed.
There is possibility that the ad source is not connected, or the SDK is not integrated properly. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Operation Manual

1.Register Your App

STEP. 1-1

Click LOGIN button on homepage.

STEP. 1-2

Click “Select Organization” to choose the appropriate account.

STEP. 1-3

Click lower left +ADD button to register the app.

STEP. 1-4

Select the OS and store URL of the app to register.

STEP. 1-5

If the app is not yet available on the store it is possible to register it manually. If so and the store information is not updated promptly, the ad delivery will stop. Please make sure to update the app information as soon as the store release is completed.

STEP. 1-6

Select the network to be assigned for the app.
Please deactivate unnecessary ones.

2. Create an ad unit

STEP. 2-1

After selecting the app for which you want to create an Adunit, Click lower the left “+ADD” and select AD UNIT. Enter the necessary information.

For rewarded video please also input the number of points of virtual currency to be given to the user.

*Rewarded video ad – require user’s consent to play before advertisement is displayed. Once the movie is viewed, the user gets the predefined reward as set.

**Interstitial video – Full screen in app video ad.
This format often allows you to skip the displayed video.

STEP. 2-2

Distribution priority can be set for each Ad unit once created.

Here, we will set the ad delivery priority for each country and network.

First, select the country for which you want to set the delivery priority.

If you want to apply this to all countries, please select “Other countries”.

Next, drag the network you want to prioritize into the Manual control box (the red frame of the image), it will be delivered via the network with the ad request.

Description of each selection are as follows.

  • Ad serving status: Change the delivery status to the selected country.
  • Manual control: Fixed delivery (Prioritized)
  • System Optimized Priority: Automatic optimization
  • Disable Ad Network: Stop distribution for Ad Unit

STEP. 2-3

Incorporate the SDK into the application after ad unit setup is completed.

Click on the application name to display the unit ID on the page, specify this ID at the time of introduction.

It is also possible to send an support mail from this page.
For other introduction guides, please refer to the following document.

To edit the ad unit, click on the app name and proceed to the details page.

3. SDK Introduction

To obtain viidle’s SDK file,Click the app name on the ad unit page.
Proceed to the SDK introduction page.

After integrating viidleSDK, Test to verify that the advertisements are displayed.
Please confirm that test deliver is functioning correctly.

Proceed through the corresponding application process for Google Play/ App Store.Once successful, ad delivery will start with viidle’s high CPM and fill rate!

If you have any questions about other operations, please contact us

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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