Spalletti sees the team use patience to defeat Lykia

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Luciano Spalletti praised Napoli’s players for their patience in defeating Legia Warsaw 3-0 at home to Legia in the Euros.

Napoli have only taken one point from their opening two games in the competition last night, making the three points from the game crucial for their qualification.

The last burden Luciano Spalletti has taken off his shoulders. Napoli, absolute war machine in Serie A, conquers the first three points also in Europe and back in full swing for qualification.

They gave everything in that game. By creating more than 20 scoring chances and taking 18 corners, they scored three goals from Lorenzo Insigne, Victor Osimhen and Matteo Politano. All happened in the last 15 minutes of the game

. Spalletti praised the team for playing with patience until they managed to win the first three points of the program.

“It was very difficult to penetrate them. But we never lose order in play. Because otherwise it will create a gap. and can be dangerous.”Sky Sport Italia:

“Don’t forget that Legia Warsaw this team beat Leicester City. We haven’t lost our cool over time. We continue to play calmly and wait for luck to be on our side.” According to a report from ufabet.