Seven years later, Leicester miracle championship

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Seven years later, Leicester miracle championship or is it time to part ways…between the Foxes and the Premier League?

The draw is down every moment for the 2022/23 Premier League. In addition to the championship of 2 horses or the fight for European tickets in various ranks, the most important issue is still relegation or not relegation of many Teams in the end zone

Especially the champion of 7 years ago, Leicester City. Now finds himself in the “secondary” position until starting to have to connect the salt water line after the last defeat.

Let’s see if What happened to them? and hope of survival There still quite a few left

Highest to lowest

No one can definitely forget about the masterpiece. Centenary, there was a time. When Leicester City entrusted it to the Premier League in the 2015/16 season. Where a small team from the center of the country who has just returned to the top league for just 2 years (and almost even quickly relegated) pushed through the middle of the segment, overtaking all the giants to rise to the championship miraculously.

But of course it’s with surprises. Once at the top, it’s normal to “fall back” — just a good standard. It’s still there for a while. Especially after the Brendan Rod Rogers took over the reins.

Four years after winning the league (2019/20), Leicester reached fifth place and reached the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

Five years after winning the league (2020/21), Leicester cemented their fifth place and clinched another important FA Cup trophy with the only goal from Youri Tielemans in a 1-0 win over Chelsea in the final. Winner

Or last season (six years after winning the league), Leicester are still doing well, finishing 8th in the Premier League, just a few points away from the European ticketing zone.

All of them mean that After that historic champion, Leicester has always performed well.

So it’s a bigger surprise than this season

too reckless

It turned out that both the club and Brendan Rodgers appeared to be “too complacent” to allow their squads to move into the slump. “Expiration of life” and did not reinforce the army to adjust to the point enough

In fact, it started from last season, summer 2021, where each deal was negative. Tens of millions of pounds (50-60 million) of capital poured into the market. Got a new one like Patson Daka, Bubakary Soumare, Yannick Vestergaard which are all but rarely pass the exam

When coming this summer to tighten the belt (got a new one, such as Wout Faes, Victor Christiansen, Harry Suttar, but the total price is less than half of the sale of Wesley Fofana to Chelsea ) still have to repeat the wound with the overall quality of the “deteriorating” power from the previous series

  • – Danny Ward can’t replace Kasper Schmeichel

    – Injuries are sparse in many players

    – James Maddison & Youri Tielemans don’t shine like they did in the past

    – Jamie Vardy Deteriorated by the age of 36

    – Kelechi Iheanacho & Patson Daka are not up to class.

In addition, trusting Rodgers in return for good performances and winning the FA Cup also turned into a needle that stabbed them directly.

Because if it was another team that was a little crazy about the manager, Rodgers would have been bounced off the chair since the first 2 months of the season, having received 1 point from the first 7 games (1 draw, 6 losses), or at least during the beginning of the new year that the fox army gradually Gradually descending near the red zone

But what is true is that Rodgers has been constantly making the team. Until the beginning of this month, when Leicester had already sunk into the red zone in 18th place.

until it seems The change that finally happened It may be too late to turn things around in time.

Choose the wrong way (?) Life changes.

probably not wrong And in fact, it received praise from many parties, with the King Power in the era of Aiyawat Srivaddhanaprabha emphasizing on building “Infrastructure” for the club rather than Hundreds of millions of pounds have been invested in a new training ground. Construction of utility systems, fitness centers, sports science systems and modern medical equipment

But focusing on the structure and forgetting to invest in new players It might not be quite right.

Yes, they weren’t even ignorant. The reinforcement of the army in each market is still there. as already mentioned above

But it’s also undeniable that Leicester have not invested in “top-grade” players , with prices that can be bought and used immediately. Able to influence play with a short adjustment time

What it means is trying to find a new N’Golo Kante, a new Riyad Mahrez, a new Jamie Vardy or a new Harry Maguire — which means players have already been brought in. It takes some time to wake up. (Is it going to be sold? is another story)

When efforts in this section are unsuccessful Combined with various deteriorating factors of the forces (and coaches), the risk of “relegation” therefore inevitably occurs.

The only point from the last 9 games that came with a defeat result was the 20th game out of 31 games.

This minute, Leicester has sunk “under the bottom”, with 2 points behind 17th-ranked Everton in safety zone.

The most important thing is the next 3 games that face teams at the bottom of the table as well as Wolves, Leeds, Everton. will cut the points of the competitors to escape death together directly

Then comes Fulham , which is probably the easiest task among the rest of the queue. But after that, it’s easy to be “Q 0 points” when you have to face solids like Liverpool and Newcastle.

Leicester don’t need to be watched. Don’t waste your time on the results of the team around you. What you need to focus on fully focus 100% is your own steps. The results of each remaining game from now on

every goal scored All points that can be obtained or not All of them will affect the ending scene.

It’s a funny thing too that Leicester, four years after the league title entered fifth and five years after the league title secured another FA Cup, had to expect a rebounding 2014/15 ending. From the plum to the number 14 label, it happened again and again.