“Pellegrini” apologizes to Roma fans after losing

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Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini has apologized to fans. After losing to Bodo Glimt in a mess and confirmed that he will learn from this pain.

The Wolves of Rome defeated Glimt 6-1 in the Conference League final last night.

The defeat was a huge embarrassment for the fans. In addition, some media also consider this defeat to be more embarrassing than when losing 7-1 to Bayern Munich and Manchester United. Pellegrini

has apologized for the performance of they Ready to confirm that they will learn from such defeats.

“I can’t say much. I can only say an apology and promise to come back stronger. We’ve already discussed the necessary things in the dressing room. And it just stops there,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“Sometimes you have to hurt yourself to learn. And today we were slapped in the face. which is worthy of us We need to make sure they have learned from the shame of this and maintain a positive attitude, then it goes all Seasons “

” No, I’m just angry, not worried or upset about anything, just angry, from tomorrow onwards. We must try harder. Because there are still other games that need to be won.” According to a report from ufabet.