Odoi-Lampty is considering a move to Ghana

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Cumlum Hudson-Odoi, young winger “Sing the Blues” Chelsea is deciding whether to play for the Ghana national team. After the famous team from the continent Hoping to persuade him to move from the England national team. As well as Brighton’s full-back Tariq Lampty, the

21-year-old has been in the England squad for three games. With the last game he played in the match. meet kosovo In November 2019 , Odoi

‘s relationship With the England national team at random, there will be problems. After the news refused to play for the U-21 team. In August last year

He then turned down Gareth Southgate’s bid for the senior squad against Albania and San Marino in November .

under FIFA rules A player will be allowed to transfer to the national team

If he plays no more than three international games before the age of 21,

meaning Odoi can use this right to switch to Ghana. preparing for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the end of this year

Reports from Goal have revealed that Ghana are interested in Odoi and Lampty, with the Blues rising star being understood. We are considering this opportunity.

“If we wake up and the new coach of Ghana want tarik and Hudson-Odoi or anyone who can play for us We will consider the rules and the possibility of bringing him to the team,” said Henri Asante Toum, FAGANA’s director of journalism

. You should be absent from three years of service, so that means if today Hudson-Odoi last played for England three years ago, we’ll look at the month he played. And if it’s just two years old, he still has the right in every way to transfer his citizenship.”

Earlier this year, Odoi and his parents met with former Newcastle boss Chris Hughton. which serves as a technical advisor to Ghana. to discuss his future

He also traveled to Ghana twice last year. and had the opportunity to meet with President Nana Akufo-Addo, FA Ghana President Kurt Okraku and Sports Minister Mustafa Ussif

. Jersey haven’t been given a chance from Gareth Southgate to call up the big-set flag. but has a name on the under-21 team