Marotta told ‘Big Du’ to move to get money with Chelsea

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Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta has criticized Romelu Lukaku’s move to Chelsea. for having doubled his pay.

But they weren’t hurt by Edin.

Marotta has asked for sufficient investment in the transfer market after the fee comes.

in for Lukaku to strengthen the team before the transfer window shuts.

The CEO was clear that he and his colleagues among the club.

Directors cannot run the club given the anger from the fans.

Dzeko joins the Nerazzurri on a free transfer after the “Big Cabinet” packs up and returns to Stamford Bridge. Last summer and now the 35-year-old striker has scored seven goals in 11 appearances, Marotta said:

Come without a red tattoo On the field, it’s not much different at all

To this end, the report states that Zhang has promised that there will be investment in two strikers with the right profile to keep the attacking options available strong despite the massive loss represented by Lukaku’s departure.

Meanwhile, the club will also use part of the amount received for Lukaku to bring in a right-sided wing-back, and will bring in a priority target to replace Achraf Hakimi.

. A number like this never happened.

” Today we cannot make any important investments. I wouldn’t be allowed to sign Lukaku for €75 million. We need to reduce our investment.