Liverpool haven’t won five away games in a row before going

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Liverpool haven’t won five away games in a row before going into the field against Leeds.

Reveal the statistics of facts ahead of Liverpool clash with Leeds United in the Premier League on Monday night. When it appears that Jurgen Klopp side have failed to win five away games in a row. Before facing Leeds at Elland Road.

In the past meeting with the Reds at Leeds home was not considered a problem. Last season, Liverpool won 3-0.

But the problem is Liverpool’s performance this season. Especially the away game that has consistently disappointing results. The more later, the more obvious this wound.

Liverpool have played the last 11 away games in all competitions. By being able to win only 2 games against opponents and the important thing is that you can’t beat anyone in the last 5 games that have drawn 2 results and lost 3

  • Liverpool’s last 11 away games:

    Premier League defeated Brentford 1-3,

    Premier League defeated Brighton 0-3,

    FA Cup defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0

    FA Cup. Defeated Brighton 1-2

    Premier League lost Wolves 0-3

    Premier League won Newcastle 2-0

    Premier League drew Crystal Palace 0-0

    Premier League lost Bournemouth 0- 1

    Champions League lost to Real Madrid 0-1

    Premier League lost to Manchester City 1-4

    Premier League held Chelsea 0-0

However, Liverpool are currently ranked 8th in the table. But if they win this game they will not move anywhere. Because before kicking behind number 7, Brighton are 4 points together

Leeds after changing the manager, the performance looks better lately. But recently, just opened the house, Crystal Palace attacked 1-5, but still in the safe zone, ranked 16th, with 29 points from 30 games played, with 2 points away from the red zone together.

Liverpool’s recent form has been poor after five straight games without a win, but last weekend they just held on to a draw with leaders Arsenal in a thrilling, almost winnable way. Causing them to still rank 8th in the table with 44 points, 12 points away from the top 4 zone together

Predict the possibility and outcome of the competition.

It is a meeting of two teams whose performance this year is not as good as they should be. The home team Leeds are struggling hard to escape relegation, while Liverpool themselves seem to only have a chance to win a small European cup quota and It is possible because the points that are 12 points away from the top 4 zone, although in theory they still catch up, but in practice and with their performances it can be said that it is extremely difficult.

However, believe that Klopp himself will try to make Best way to get your confidence back The picture of the game would be an away team that opened an attacking game, but had to be careful of the superficial game of the home team who had previously played against the Reds in the first game they met at Anfield, although the visiting team looked superior in terms of strength. But the hosts seem to be more motivated both playing at home and having to escape relegation at the moment, which may help them gain some points at home this weekend.