Jurgen Klopp knows that ‘Man Utd’ are still dangerous

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has insisted he is not underestimating Manchester United despite their opponents this weekend in poor form, with

Paul Scholes recently criticizing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side. After the comeback game came back to beat Atalanta in the Champions League that “Will they play well against Liverpool? I imagine that when Klopp watched the first half of this game at home he was rubbing his hands.”

Manchester United were 2-0 up to come back in the first half and come back to win. Atalanta with a score of 3-2,

but the German insists he is careless, still sees the “Red Devils” as a team that causes problems for any team.

“Not even for a second I would sit and wait for a mop. There’s no reason to think that way,” said Klopp.

“Atalanta caused some trouble for Manchester United in the first half. But even in the first half Manchester United had three big chances

. Especially when your game is overwhelmed with Atalanta being a bit like that.”

“So not at all, I’m not looking forward to it with pleasure. I prepared the team for a difficult game against very good opponents. We’ve been together long enough to know how important this game is.”