Johnson is not surprised if ‘Mohamed Salah’ forms until the age of 30.

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Glen Johnson, former England defender Show confidence that Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s painkiller wing Will continue to play in top form until the age of 30.

The Egyptian national team will turn 30 next summer. 

Which he will have only 12 months left on his contract

There has been some debate over Bangmo’s attempts to extend the contract, with some saying it is expensive and long-term. It may not be suitable as the player is already in his 30s.

Johnson said: “It’s difficult, every contract depends on the timing. Of course, he had the right to receive the same amount of money as anyone. (in the Premier League)”

“But Liverpool always doing the right business He has 20 months left on his contract and at the end of his contract he will be 31, they still need a 31-year-old, or will he be good enough to earn hundreds of thousands a week? I don’t know either.

“But from the way he plays, Of course they will keep trying to keep him.”

“You can see from the way he plays. You can see from his approach to taking care of himself. proper training So I would not be surprised if he’s going to have a long career like Ronaldo, “

” but keeping a player at this level is what will determine whether or not additional money. Will he be able to continue doing it in the next 5 years? We don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps his form

. I don’t think anyone is scoring goals the way he’s doing in the moment.”

“He’s set high standards. [In the first season he scored 44 goals] which people have the right to think it would be difficult to do that again.

“But it wasn’t that he scored just for fun. But it’s also his way of shooting. He scored from situations where he had no right to shoot. He beat a defender and then a 3-4 finish for the “

” He proved to me that people are wrong again and again. “