Gasperini pointed out the Lama super save changes the game

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Gian Piero Gasperini, Atalanta’s boss Seeing that the save rhythm of David de Gea changed the picture of the game and if the players in their team were ready to maintain the result better,

the “goddess” of the Italian coach The main body hurt, almost half the team still did a great job invading to bring the “Red Devils” to the local area 2-0 in the first half, but the last one was unable to

hold back 2-3 in the second half with an important rhythm. In the game they were almost 3-1 up from the beat of Duvan Zapata and Ruslan Malinovsky, but the Spanish goalkeeper. Save the team before becoming the home team to attack until the 2-2 draw.

“I don’t know if we can do more. Of course we still have faith but in this environment it seems to rekindle them,” Gasperini told  ufabet.  after the game.

“We have the feeling that we are holding it in our hands. We were almost 3-1 up, but his goalkeeper made two wonderful saves and then the 2-2 score happened.”

“It was really inevitable. We could have held it longer if there were more players available but we conceded three goals in a really messy situation.”