Chiellini pointed out that ‘Ronaldo’ was late in the summer

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Giorgio Chiellini has pointed out that Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus late in the summer. As a result they had a poor start to the season. because there was not enough time to prepare the new team.

In the summer, Ronaldo started preparing for Juventus before he decided to leave the team to return to Manchester. In the final week of August,

Juventus started the season poorly after failing to win their first four league games, and Leonardo Bonucci has said they are relying on Ronaldo. Too much,

Chiellini admits that Ronaldo’s departure has affected their form at the start of the season. And if the Portuguese shooting star moves faster, there will be time to adjust in time.

“I thought he might leave in the summer. Because the relationship to our work, to the point that Cristiano Correia wants to spur new teams that play for him, “Kim Ellis this interview with  ufabet.

” when he met the team that he is. A person who has always been steadfast, it was the same at Juventus. Juventus are undergoing a blood transfusion and reducing their average age. So obviously he will be a bonus to help the team more if he stays. But it’s fair that he wants a team that focuses on the present rather than the future.

“He left the team on 28 August and it would certainly have been better if he left the team before then. so that we can have time to prepare Unfortunately, we have to pay for that.”

“It affected the team and we dropped points in the early games because of that. He moved in on August 1, we would have time to prepare well to be ready for the start of the season, “

now Juventus are back again after the good results of the team. Massimiliano Allegri has won six consecutive games in all competitions. including winning 3 games in a row in the Champions League.