Atletico Madrid prepares to appoint ‘Alemany’ as sports director

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Atletico Madrid is set to appoint Matel Alemany as its new sporting director during the international break, according to โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

The deal is now complete . Only an official announcement from the club remains.

Alemany resigned from the same position at Barcelona on 2 September. He is regarded as one of the top sporting directors. And Atletico Madrid have been trying to bring him to the club for a long time. Andrea Berta will retain his position as sporting

director, but Alema This will take on a new, higher responsibility. His role will be reporting directly to CEO Angel Gil Marin.

Andrea Berta will keep his place as sporting director, but Alemany will arrive at a new post just above, sitting directly below and reporting directly to, CEO Angel Gil Marin.

Alemany appears to have done a superb job at digging Barcelona out of their dire squad situation of the last few years, although it’s still not quite certain how things will turn out there in the long run.

Atletico aren’t in such dire straits, but they’ve spent relatively little in recent years, and will be hoping the Mallorcan can work his magic at the Wanda.

Alemany has been praised for his outstanding service to Barcelona. And his involvement in transfers. Many

He almost left Camp Nou for Aston Villa a few months ago. But changed his mind and stayed on with the Catalan giants.

Alemany was also approached by Paris Saint-Germain. But it was Atletico Madrid who were preparing to grab his signature.