End Service Support for viidle
News 2018/11/1

We would like to extend our deep appreciation for your patronage for viidle.
Unfortunately we regret to inform you that we will close the service on 31th, January 2019.


Please be guided accordingly in the following details;


1. End of publisher registration, App, ad unit creation: 1st, November, 2018


2. Cessation of ad serving: 31st, January, 2019


3. Final payment : 28th, February, 2019
– Please note that you are unable to update payment information after 31st, January, 2019. Payment process will be effectuated according to the account information at that time.
– Please note that payment will be impossible if the payment information is invalid. Please make sure it is updated and correct.
– Payment will be processed even if minimum payment threshold is not reached. Please note that if this amount is insufficient to cover the transfer fee, it will not be processed.


4. Dashboard access: available until 1st, April, 2019
– All data on viidle will be deleted on 1st, January, 2020


If anything is unclear about the closing process, please contact using the inquiry form. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.