Breakfast lose weight To help you lose weight effectively.

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Breakfast lose weight To help you lose weight effectively.

How important is breakfast for weight loss?

ทางเข้า ufabet ufabet reports that researchers from the United States have found. That eating breakfast is the key to a healthy weight loss. And eating breakfast in large quantities. It will help to reduce body weight consistently in the long run.

Dr. Danila Jakubowitz, an American researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University, said. That eating a small breakfast can increase appetite during the day. There is a research comparing the differences between groups of people. Who eat less breakfast. with people who eat a lot of breakfast by recruiting volunteers who are obese women and not exercising in total, 96 people were divided into 2 groups

The first group was limited to 1,085 calories from food intake per day. 

And most of it is energy from protein. and mainly fat Breakfast was rated as the smallest meal with only 290 calories and only 7 grams of carbohydrates.

another group arranged into a group that focuses on eating a heavy breakfast Will eat a total of 1,240 calories per day. By arranging food to have a lower proportion of fat. Instead, increase the amount of starch and protein. Breakfast has 610 calories with 58 grams of carbohydrates, while lunch and dinner have 395 calories and 235 calories, respectively.

The experimental results showed that in the first 4 months, the low energy diet group Including breakfast is the least of all meals. There seemed to be a better performance, with the group losing an average of 28 pounds or 12.7 kilograms. While the breakfast-focused group lost an average of 23 pounds or 10.4 kilograms, but after the 8th month, the situation changed vice versa. That is, the low energy diet group. By eating the least breakfast. The breakfast group gained an average of 18 pounds or 8.1 kilograms. While the breakfast group continued to lose an average of 16.5 pounds or 7.4 kilograms.

However, for breakfast that still many people.

Choose not to eat because the morning is a time of hustle Didn’t wake up in time to eat? Or opt for just a cup of coffee and a couple of small pastries? please think again. Because if you want to lose weight effectively Breakfast is more important than you think.