Sarri watched the Eagles play well

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Lazio boss Maurizio Sarri thinks they have played well. Despite a pity that he couldn’t score a goal against Olympique Marseille last night,

“White Eagle” opened the home game to a goalless draw with OM in the Europa League game last night,

even though Shiro Immobile hit the ball. Can get into the net in the second half But the goal came from offside. As a result, the team had to share points for each team.

Lazio occupied the runner-up position with four points from three games, three points behind leader Galatasaray, while OM, with three points, followed. Third place,

Sarri sees the team have performed well in the game. Even if there is still a lack of goals that will help you win

“It’s a great performance against a good team. The feeling in the game was that we were a bit lacking in sharpness, but in the last 30 minutes we should have done a bit more with a bit more luck,” he said. ufabet Sport Italia.

“It felt as if we had every chance to score a goal. It was a disappointing result. We played great, confident to win until the end. And it’s almost possible to do so.”