“Martinez” says he still loves and follows the Arsenal.

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Emiliano Martinez, Argentina national team player Reveals that he still loves and follows Arsenal’s matches all the time.

The goalkeeper spent 10 years at the Emirates. The latter did a good job. But in the end, it was Aston Villa who spent around £20 million to buy him,

Martinez told Sky Sports about the reason he had to leave Arsenal.

“I love everything about Arsenal. I still love them and still watch the matches. But I feel like they don’t believe in me as they should.

“When I’m doing well. I still have the feeling that they are not worthy of me. because of the way they treat me

“They can’t guarantee the kind of game I want. So I think if they can’t guarantee it. I have to move on

“They didn’t tell me I wasn’t going to play. They just don’t guarantee the games I want to play.

“So after 10 years I decided to leave and it was very difficult. My family didn’t understand why I had to leave while at a good level at Arsenal. But it’s my decision. And I’m very proud that I did that.

“It’s a gamble. But I’ve always believed that if you’re in the comfort zone You will never be able to achieve anything in life. I decided to take it one step further.”